How To Renovate Your Bathroom in 5 Easy Steps


When some people think of a bathroom renovation they automatically think that it’s going to cost thousands of dollars.  But, that’s just not the case!  There are little things you can do along the way that can update or change the look of your bathroom and they are all renovations that you can do on your own.  Here are just a few to consider for your next DIY project.

A New Coat of Paint

Paint is one of the easiest, quickest and cheapest ways to change the look of your bathroom.  The #1 tip to painting your bathroom:  Make sure you buy the right type of paint.  You will want to either purchase paint that is anti-mold and anti-mildew resistant or buy a paint that is a satin finish.  Because this room has a lot of humidity and moisture you need a paint type or a paint selection that can ward off mold and mildew.

Update Your Fixtures

modern-bathroom-fixturesAnother really easy way to change the look and feel of your bathroom is to change the fixtures.  Updating your light fixtures, sink, faucet, and towel racks can change the look of a bathroom significantly.  Keep in mind that these fixtures come in many different styles, materials, and colors.

Switch Your Bathroom Mirror Out

Most people don’t update their bathrooms very often, which means you might have a mirror from 10, 15, or even 20 years ago.  There are so many better and more updated options available than the mirror you have now and they come in so many different styles and materials.  If you think that getting a new mirror will cost too much, you can also paint over the old mirror, depending on the material.

Regrout The Tile Floor

Tiles and grout can get really dirty over time, especially in the bathroom.  But, don’t go thinking that regrouting a tile floor is so difficult that you have to hire someone.  All you need are the right tools for the job.  Companies now make a grout removal tool.  Then you just need a Dremel for the tool, new grout, and a grout float.  Guides for this project can be found right online.

Update Your Cabinet Hardware

Not only can your knobs and pulleys be switched out, but you can also make sure that you switch out your hardware as well for your cabinets and drawers.  It might not seem like something so easy can change a room so much, but it can!  You can purchase hardware just about anywhere and they come in so many different sizes, materials (plastic, metal, glass), and colors/patterns that you can easily change the look of your entire space!


Paint or Stain Your Bathroom Cabinet and Drawers

People tend to DIY for 2 reasons.  They either are very self-sufficient or they want to save money.  Buying brand new cabinets and drawers would sort of defeat the purpose of reason #2.  But, painting or staining your cabinets and drawers is easy enough for a non-professional and it’s very inexpensive.  If you plan on painting or staining you will need a guide to help you.

As you can see from the projects above, all of these are very easy to do and they don’t cost a lot.  However, if you need help, ask a buddy or look online.  There are so many free guides online that help people such as yourself when it comes to renovations, decor and even blueprints and a lot of them are completely free.